HaB Racing started out as a group of friends who were not satisfied with the online racing in random lobbies on GT5, just after release. So in January 2011 we started HaB Racing to be "middle ground" between the random and often highly chaotic (i.e. demolition derby first corner) general online lobbies and the serious, competitive "Forum" racing.
HaB Racing is not about winiing, it's about racing hard, fast, fair, clean and having FUN - treat others how you wish to be treated. We do not discriminate against people whether they are new or if they are superfast, highly experienced, "aliens" - RESPECT is shown to all aslong as they show respect back.
We try and use cars that are not normally, or always, used in either random lobbies or Forum racing.  We take these cars, and using our specialised handicap system, to try to make them as equal in performance as we can - making the racing very close and exciting and also the diversity of cars that are competitive, very high.
This site is also here for all your GT5 needs, whether you need a car, setup / tuning help, some seriously close and excitng racing, queries or questions about GT5 or just guys to chill out with and do some laps.
HaB Racing is not about ourselves, we know of others who organise and have clean, hard, fast, fun and fair races witht their friends.  This site is for those people as much as ourselves, a central hub, a "community" of guys who think, drive and want alike.

What started out as a way of two guys fulfilling their GT5 clean racing needs, has spread to many.- come join the revolution.
H & Bipbip